Alek Kaknevicius
Alek Kaknevicius


Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Wing Chun Kung Fu



​CrossFit L-1

Assistant Coach

Alek Kaknevicius

Alek was born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in Florida. As a kid, he focused on individual sports such as swimming and track & field. Rather than competing against others, his focus has always been competing against himself, looking to improve his physical ability and technique.

When he went to the University of Florida, he started training in Cuong Nhu Martial Arts and began casual weightlifting in the gym. He also joined the crew team in many of their workouts, despite not having the time to join the team officially. After graduating as an Electrical Engineer and getting hired by Texas Instruments in 2014, he moved to Dallas and found Crossfit.

Although Alek focuses on all aspects of CrossFit, he has developed a passion for Olympic Lifting due to the combination of strength, timing, and efficiency needed. Since he started working out, he has gained 40lb of weight, despite his body’s stubbornness to build muscle. On top of Crossfit, he has maintained his martial arts training, now also teaching Cuong Nhu Martial Arts classes.