Sophia Chavez
Sophia Chavez



Affiliate Co-owner

​CrossFit L-1, L-2

USAW Level 1

500+ hours CrossFit group coaching

Personal Training


Aleksey Torokhtiy weightlifting seminar

Kati Breazeal gymnastics seminar

RX gymnastics seminar

Co-Owner/Head Coach

Sophia Chavez

Before starting CrossFit, Sophia found herself slowly becoming less active and more out of shape. Sophia played sports growing up and always enjoyed being active but the stressors of life started catching up. She eventually decided to put health as a top priority and enrolled in nutrition courses while taking an interest in personal training. In 2014 Sophia took her first CrossFit class while traveling in Colorado, after one class she was hooked.

Sophia joined Mental Giants CrossFit in 2014, while she started as a member looking for an alternative to conventional gym training, she quickly grew to love the community, program, and methodology which led her to pursue coaching full-time. Sophia has been a coach at MGCF since 2015 and took over ownership with her husband Salvador in 2019. She strives to cultivate a community of members and coaches who embrace challenges and keep curious and open mindsets. She believes in empowering members to build resilience and consistency not only in the gym, but in all aspects of life.